Difference Between Epoxy and Sublimation Tumblers

Difference Between Epoxy and Sublimation Tumblers

What is the difference between Epoxy and Sublimation Tumblers?

Let me break it down!

First up .....

Epoxy Tumblers : meaning the type of resin I use to create a glass like finish on a high quality stainless steel tumbler blank. Epoxy resin seals everything in and gives the tumbler a little extra insulation. With epoxy tumblers you can really create a one of a kind tumbler using various materials like glitter, images, dimension and more. Epoxy tumblers can pretty much have anything attached to the tumbler and then sealed with epoxy.  These tumblers CANNOT go into the dishwasher, be soaked in water, or go in the freezer. If you drop it, it may crack, I suggest to handle like you would a glass. Epoxy tumblers also take 3+ weeks to complete depending on open orders , hiccups and or stock issues. 


Sublimation Tumblers : are the same double walled stainless steel tumblers with a special powder coating, powder coating doesn’t provide any extra insulation but keeps the cup as light weight as possible. Sublimation tumblers however CAN go in the freezer, be dropped , soak in water and go in dishwasher  ( all though I do no recommend the dishwasher as some have very high heats causing the ink to fade)- (also no double walled stainless steel tumbler is suggested to be put in dishwasher as it breaks down the insulation ) To get an image onto a sublimatiable tumbler, the design is printed on special paper and using special ink, then baked. Sublimation is a chemical process that takes a solid to a gaseous state, skipping the liquid phase. In sublimation printing, “solid” ink is embedded into a polyester substrate by heating it straight to a gas.  After the Image as turned into a gas and has impeded its self into the powder coating of the tumbler, you now have a high quality, permanent , peel proof design on your tumbler.  Sublimation tumblers are currently only being offered in 20 oz skinny and 18 os water bottles . Turn around for a sublimation tumbler is quick, can be done with in 2 hrs. Depending on open orders . 



To break it down further and easier to understand....


Epoxy Tumblers - fully customizable , can add anything to give demential look , sealed in a resin material that creates a glass like finish. These are more fragile. CAN NOT be dishwasher, microwaved, soaked in water, put in freezer, needs to avoid high heat . Various shapes and sizes available. More Pricey due to products and time it takes .Turn around time - 3+ weeks 

Sublimation Tumblers - More limited on customization, lighter weight, can go in freezer and be soaked, less fragile , peel proof design , Limited sizes available. Cheaper in cost . Turn around time - 2+ hours 


Currently taking custom orders on all types of tumblers 😃 

As always I love to make and create so im always here to answer any questions concerns or curiosities ! 


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